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Auto Insurance for Business
January 2, 2016
Auto Insurance Quotes
January 9, 2016

Auto Insurance Quotes

Auto insurance quotes: men vs. women
Auto insurance quotes are affected by a variety of things, each having an influence on the risk score the insurance company assigns to each driver. Car make and model, place of residence, credit rating and driving record – these things have their impact on how much the insurance company will charge you for having a particular policy. However, there’s one factor that some people may be uncomfortable or even angry about – gender. That’s right, the driver’s gender also affects auto insurance quotes. How, you might ask? Pretty simple.

Even though it may sound sexist, female drivers always get lower auto insurance quotes then men. And before the debate of who is better behind the wheel – women or men – carries on, let’s first take a look at hard facts. Despite the common belief that women are worse drivers than men they tend to get involved in accidents much less often then men do, and file fewer respectively. Some of you might say that there are fewer women on the road and that’s true. However even if taking the relative percentage of drivers with accidents and the overall number of drivers on the road women are still leading the race. But what does this mean from the insurer’s point of view?

Insurance companies deal with risks and they are all about calculating the risk of someone filing a claim.

That’s why they use various personal data starting from the car being insured to the driver using the vehicle.

There’s no discrimination in mind because the only thing that really interests the insurance company is whether the customer is more likely to file a claim or not. And if the risk is high so are the rates. That’s why due to the statistical observation between male and female drivers the latter usually get lower car insurance rates – they simply file less claims than men do.

This rate discrepancy is the same as the one caused by age group statistics and there’s nothing you can do about it. The only way to overcome it is to shop around. All companies have different claim statistics and with some providers the different between male and female auto insurance quotes may be very small because the claim number may be identical. At some companies the difference can be very pronounced. Either way your aim is to get a policy that meets all your insurance needs for the most competitive price possible, regardless whether you’re a man or woman. So take your time to shop around!




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