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Automobile Insurance Quotes – Commonly Used Terms

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December 14, 2015
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December 17, 2015

Automobile Insurance Quotes – Commonly Used Terms

Automobile Insurance Quotes – Commonly Used Terms

You are now determined to file for an automobile insurance but when you are handed with the form or manual, you are overwhelmed by jargons. Your problem escalates when the customer service agent begins spouting these seemingly complicated terms at you. Don’t fret and let us assist you in understanding the most commonly used terms in an automobile insurance.


No, we are not talking about police agents or spy agents. We are dealing with cars. When signing for a contract, you will always have to deal with an agent. Just be careful. You would not want to deal with an overly charging agent.


When you request for quotes, you allow yourself to examine a particular company’s insurance terms and conditions. Don’t just jump and sign a contract just because it’s cheap.


It is the opposite of coverage. Your insurance company might not cover specific terms.


I hereby declare that… Familiar? That goes as well with your automobile insurance contract. It includes your name, address and phone number.


Who is a claimant? It is you! As a claimant, you will receive claims from your insurance company if your car is accidentally damaged.


This is the report of events the claimant has made concerning the damage of your car.


One of the terms that may or may not be included in your automobile insurance coverage. When you meet an accident, whatever or whoever the cause might be, the company will not be held responsible. So don’t just intentionally damage your car just for the purpose of increasing your monthly fee!


This shows what you can get from your company when your car is stolen or damaged. Hence, indemnification can be money or a particular object.

Anti-theft device

This anti-theft device is a device installed in your car to watch out for thieves. Automobile insurance quotes offer you great options to lower your premium rates.


Automobile insurance quotes allow you to find great guarantees for your car’s integrity. This warranty may include free services that you need for your car within the span of agreed terms.

Automobile insurance quotes  terms are really confusing at first. But when you get the gist of it through learning these commonly used terms, you will find them easy. Automobile insurance quotes are a great help for you to choose the best insurance.



Automobile insurance quotes are necessary before you sign a contract. Don’t know the reasons why you need to get free quotes online? Read on and you will be surprised of its many advantages.


Automobile insurance quotes provide you the most affordable but best automobile insurance out there. We have listed here some strategies to be able to lower your auto insurance premium rates and save more money.



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