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Automobile insurance rates for collision and comprehensive coverage

Auto Insurance Quotes
January 9, 2016
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January 13, 2016

Automobile insurance rates for collision and comprehensive coverage

The majority of us are selfish. We have spent the money to buy a suitable vehicle (or two). It may be our pride and joy with a set ritual for washing and polishing it on a regular basis. That way, we feel comfortable being seen driving it around our town or city. Perhaps heads turn or perhaps it’s the reverse. Our old car is so immaculately kept, no one looks twice. We do not stand out as one of the poor who can only afford a wreck to drive around. With all that time and money lavished on the vehicle, it would be a tragedy if it was struck by lightning and caught fire, or someone came through a red light and hit us broadside. Suddenly we have a blackened hulk or a mangled mass of compacted metal. At this point we either smile in relief because we carry collision and comprehensive cover, or we cry a silent tear and wonder how we will afford to replace the lost treasure.

As the name suggests, collision cover protects us when our vehicle hits another vehicle or a static object, and is damaged. It also applies when we hit a pedestrian but that usually all gets lost in the big liability claim for knocking someone down. A comprehensive policy covers you against all the other losses you might suffer. It includes most events from extreme weather that can float your vehicle away in a flood to a tornado that picks it up and dumps it in Kansas, to a thief who manages to beat your security system and drives it away. Before you buy a comprehensive policy, you should look very carefully at the precise wording of the policies on offer. Some are likely to be reasonably generous, covering a fair range of the everyday events likely to damage your vehicle. Others may include a number of exclusions and limitations making the cover less ideal. Imagine you live in Florida and the policy excludes hurricane damage but offers excellent cover if a heavy weight of snow falls on to the roof of your vehicle while it’s parked under a tree or next to a house with a sloping roof.

American law assumes freedom of contract. This means you have no one to blame but yourself if you fail to read a contract and sign it, only later discovering it does not give you the protections you were expecting. This is true of much cheap automobile insurance which tends to define the insurer’s liability as narrowly as possible or puts barriers in the way of your claims. Although this is not mandatory cover, banks and other lenders always require you to have this cover if you borrow money. So always get as a wide a range of automobile insurance quotes as possible. Only by shopping around can you find affordable automobile insurance rates with a reasonably wide coverage against risks relevant to you.




Automobile insurance quotes are necessary before you sign a contract. Don’t know the reasons why you need to get free quotes online? Read on and you will be surprised of its many advantages.


Automobile insurance quotes provide you the most affordable but best automobile insurance out there. We have listed here some strategies to be able to lower your auto insurance premium rates and save more money.



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